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Mother's Day Flowers

Every day is an opportunity to thank our mothers for their hard work, patience, understanding and care. Their unconditional love and constant support is something that we should celebrate at all times, but above all, it should be celebrated on Mother’s Day. The second Sunday in May is the most important day of the year for showering mothers everywhere with love, attention, and gratitude. The best way to spoil your mother is to treat her with a fresh bouquet of vibrant, vividly coloured flowers. To this end, we have designed a diverse range of fantastic flowers in boxes, baskets and bouquets which are ideal gifts for the mother in your life- from your grandmother, stepmother, mother-in-law, to mother of your child, or simply a maternal figure in your life who has been an inspiration. When you know your mum is the best, send her the best.

Buying Guide

Mother's Day Flowers - Buying Guide

Mother's Day 2013 is on the 12th of May - the second Sunday of May. To make sure you pick the perfect bunch we've put together a quick guide on how to choose Mother's Day Flowers.

Mother's day is the one day of the year where mother's of all types are celebrated and recognised for their hard work, dedication and energy they have given throughout the year. Be it your birth mother, grandmother, mother of your child or simply someone who has acted like a mother towards you this is your opportunity to say thank you for all that they've done.

You can express this in many ways but often the best way to do this is by sending flowers. This simple token of your gratitude will bring a smile to her face and she will know that you appreciate all she's done and you want her to know how much by treating her to a beautiful gift of flowers.

What are the best Mother's Day Flowers?

The best flowers to send will always be her favourite flowers. If you're not too sure what they are then don't worry, there are some traditional flowers that are perfect to send for Mother's Day. In general, pink flowers are ideal as they represent gratitude and appreciation.

Traditional Mother's Day flowers are Chrysanthemums and Lilies but other flowers are perfect for Mother's Day as well like Tulips, Orchids or Roses. Each of these has a unique meaning but all of them relate to the qualities of your Mother that you want to celebrate on this day.

Mother's Day Roses


Roses are included in many different flower buying occasions due to their depth of meaning and symbolism. For Mother's Day the choice of colour for your roses should be pinks. These represent gentleness, unconditional love and appreciation, making them an ideal choice for Mother's day.
Mother's Day Roses.

Mother's Day Chrysanthemums


As the last part of the name suggests Chrysanthemums are a great choice for mother's day. They symbolise optimism and joy, hope for the future and truth.
Mother's Day Chrysanthemums.

Mother's Day Lilies


Day Lilies are the Chinse symbol of Motherhood. When you send un-opened lilies this means that your mother will be able to watch the flowers bloom making this gift all the more special.
Mother's Day Lilies.

Mother's Day Tulips


Tulips are both beautiful and simple flowers that are an elegant choice for any occasion. The generally symbolise love and cheerfulness, but pink tulips in particular symbolise caring - just the message you need to send on Mother's day.
Mother's Day Tulips.

Mother's Day Orchids


Orchids, another beautiful and elegant flower naturally have a majestic appeal. They represent maturity, refinement and strength. This makes Orchids another great flower choice this Mother's Day.
Mother's Day Orchids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best flowers to get my mum?

The best flowers to get your mother are the ones that are her favourite! Not only does it show your attention to detail because you’ve noticed what she loves, it also shows your ingenuity. If you’re not sure what her favourite flower is, choose something in her favourite colour. Our wide variety of flowers ensures you can find the perfect gift for your mother, no matter what her personal tastes.

I want to be traditional- what is the traditional Mother’s Day flower?

In Australia, the chrysanthemum is the most celebrated maternal flower. Not only does the name include the word ‘mum’, their brightly coloured petals and seasonal availability make them the ideal flower for Mother’s Day. In America, the flower for Mother’s Day is a carnation, but make sure you subtly discern whether your mother likes carnations or not- these flowers are strictly a love or hate bloom. A coloured carnation is for a living mother, while a white is for one who has passed away.

What are some contemporary flowers to send my mum?

Our Mother’s Day range is filled to bursting with a wide variety of flowers, all creatively arranged in dynamic and modern styles. We have a fresh approach to floristry, and keep up to date with the latest floral fashions. Have a look at our range to see what would suit your mother best.

The Popular Choice:

Jessica: Our most popular arrangement features a symphony of rich pink gerberas, tangerine lilies and delicate irises. Creatively arranged in a gift box and enhanced by fresh foliage, this arrangement is one of our most popular crowd pleasers and will be sure to elicit joy and happiness.

The Colourful Choice:

Sabrina: A funky fresh bouquet of fruity gerberas popping in the dazzling hues of candy pink, sunshine yellow and tangerine orange. A modern and bright bouquet that says “You are as bright and beautiful as these flowers”.

The Elegant Choice:

Vanessa: The Vanessa is a gift box that plays host to pure white Asiatic lilies, citrus yellow gerberas, cobalt blue irises and fresh foliage. This arrangement is regal, eloquent and exudes grace and humility. This arrangement says “You are as graceful and elegant as these flowers.”

The Soft Pastel Choice:

Anna: This gift box overflowing with beautiful pastel pink roses and blush alstromeria is a vision of splendour. Perfect for a feminine woman, or for those who love the colour pink. Because pink symbolises grace and appreciation, this gift says “I am so grateful to you”.

Mother’s Day is an event that celebrates the hard work and integrity of mums everywhere. Put in the effort and reciprocate the love with a beautiful gift from 1300 FLOWERS. To truly maximise your gift, make sure you write something thoughtful and meaningful on your greeting card, and if possible, add some delicious chocolates or a bottle of premium wine. Show her how much you appreciate her and you’ll make her day.

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