Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted as saying “The earth laughs in flowers”, and this statement is startlingly accurate when applied to the youthful charm and cheer of the humble gerbera. Consistently the fifth most used cut flower in the world, and with a variety of chromatic splashy colours, this joyous bloom is truly suitable for people of all ages, and appropriate for all occasions. Vibrant pink, candy purple, pure white, tangerine orange, acidic yellow- these are just some of the hues that the gerbera boasts, making it a visual spectacular that features well in both arrangements and bouquets. At 1300 FLOWERS™ in partnership with our local florists, we have created a sensational range of floral offerings that feature the fresh, appealing charm of the gerbera. 

The gerbera was first discovered in South Africa in 1884 and grew quickly in popularity due to their bold daisy petals and brilliant colours. This popularity spread over the world, and breeding programs in the late 19th century enhanced the vivid colour variations of the gerbera, as well as its quality. Today, the gerbera symbolises cheerfulness, joy, and happiness. The colour of a gerbera does not denote a specific meaning like that of the rose- rather, any variety of gerbera is thought to bring cheer and sunshine into the day of the recipient.

At 1300 FLOWERS™, we have designed vivacious, modern gifts which feature the whimsy of the gerbera. The gerbera is an adaptable, hardy flower which is seasonally available all year, and features well in both mixed floral arrangements, or in solo bouquets.

Our Sabrina selection is a burst of vibrant colour, and is one of our most popular ‘Get Well’ gifts. This bouquet of 12 dazzling gerberas is an effervescent offering of saffron orange, citrus yellow and raspberry pink wrapped in an effortless bouquet and finished with ribbon. For a more feminine take on the Sabrina, we offer our Zoe- a dozen gerberas splashed with the hues of candy pink, ballerina pink, and snowy white. These cheerful gifts are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, an imaginative romantic gift, or as a message of well wishes.

For a floral arrangement which blends the splendour of gerberas with other fresh and fantastic stems, we recommend our Vanessa arrangement, a gift box blooming with sunshine yellow gerberas, pure white Asiatic lilies, and cobalt blue irises. This is an exceptional example of how gerberas complement other flowers, creating a show stopping arrangement sure to please. For something a little more flamboyant, we suggest our Morgan arrangement, which is an attention-grabbing bouquet boasting a palette of colour and texture. The fiery red of the gerbera complements the citrus yellow lilies, chrysanthemums, lilac roses, inky irises and lemon alstromeria.

If you’re looking to send a gift that encapsulates cheer, joy, bright and bubbly sentiments and is guaranteed to evoke a smile, choose the gerbera. If you’d like further assistance in choosing the perfect arrangement to suit your recipient, please don’t hesitate to call one of our flower savvy consultants on 1300 FLOWERS™.

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