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Our Florists

The 1300 FLOWERS floral network is unique within the Australian floral marketplace. Unlike a flower relay service which has has a large number of florists of varying quality, we have carefully selected a hand full of the best local florists in Australia to fulfill and deliver our orders. At present, our direct network contains over 50 skilled, creative and passionate florists. Our local florists embrace our exemplary product and customer service standards. Since they have designed our quality arrangements, they take great pride in creating them for our customers. As a result, we can guarantee consistent quality and dependable delivery.

Often there is only one direct 1300 FLOWERS florist in a town or city. So every time you send your special someone a floral gift they will more than likely be made with love by the same florist.

From Growth to Gift

Your gift of flowers starts here at the farm. Growers all over Australia produce the flower varieties used in our floral arrangements. As a principle, we use Australian flowers grown and cut by Australian farmers whenever we can. These days, some flower varieties such as roses, are often imported from Columbia, Africa and India. Unfortunately, depending on their shipping conditions and the way they are treated through the quarantine process, the quality of these imported flowers may be significantly reduced by the time they reach the Australian consumer.

1300 FLOWERS, on the other hand is proud to support our local growers, wholesalers and florists.

Fresh From the Markets

Once cut, the flowers are shipped by refrigerated vans to the markets where they are for sale the very next morning. Our florists either pick and choose their flowers at the markets or have them delivered, again via refrigerated van, to their shop.

The average time from cutting the flowers to their arrival into our florist shops is less than 24hrs. Of course this means freshness and longer flower life.


Floral Artistry

Floristry is an art and our florists are skilled artists carefully crafting and creating your gift. When you send flowers you are sending an expression of emotion such as I Love You, Get Well, Happy Birthday or I'm sorry for your loss. The art of floristry, encompassing colour, balance, shape and design is employed to create your floral gift to the highest standard. There are schools for floristry and TAFE Diplomas.

Our florists have achieved the highest qualifications and have extensive experience.


Your flowers will be delivered with care in air conditioned vans direct to your recipient's address. This will be either via a trusted floral delivery courier chosen by the florist or the florist's own private delivery van. We guarantee delivery to business addresses by 5pm, residential delivery by 6pm and funeral services by the start time of the service.

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