It has been said that “flowers are love’s truest language”, and this has never been more evident than in the disarming beauty of roses. The most popular flower in the world, the rose entrances people everywhere with its subtle scent, delicate swirl-like blooms, and velvety petals in a myriad of vibrant, vivid colours. When you need to express how you feel, roses are the perfect choice because their natural beauty does it for you. There is no need to utter a single word when you can gift a beautiful collection of stunning roses. While roses traditionally symbolise love, they can also express admiration, appreciation, friendship, courage, grace and respect. Each different coloured rose conveys a different message. To find out more, explore our buying guide below.

Buying Guide

Red Rose

For thousands of years, the red rose has signified love. The rose appears as far back as Greek and Roman mythology, closely tied to the goddess of love. Throughout the ages, the passion-red rose has symbolised allure, sensuousness, desire, passion, and commitment. Additionally, the colour red denotes passion, fiery energy, and love. When you send red roses, you are saying “I love you.” For an anniversary or declaration of love, we recommend our ‘Skeyla’ arrangement, a breathtaking bouquet of ruby red roses enhanced by contrasting greenery. If you want to order something extravagant, we recommend our ‘Giselle’ arrangement. This presentation box is brimming with two dozen perfect red roses, just waiting to be unveiled for your special recipient. To maximise the impact, we suggest ordering an elegant glass vase for your blooms to be arranged into, as well as a bottle of luxury champagne and decadent chocolates. Champagne, chocolates and roses are the number one gift when it comes to love, and this effort shows your generosity and loving nature.

Pink Rose

The pink rose is a more dynamic rose, suitable for most occasions. The pink rose typically represents grace, gratitude, and joy. These make the perfect gift for someone special in your family that you would like to thank, are suitable as a refined bereavement arrangement, or are great as an early romantic gift. If you’re worried that you’re coming on too strong, pink roses make a beautiful gesture that say “I’m so glad I met you.” We have a fantastic range of pink roses that will help you send your emotions in a stunning, fragrant package. Our ‘Sarah’ arrangement is one of our most popular, and features perfect pastel pink roses creatively arranged among a mist of blush alstroemeria, and lush foliage. Ensconced in an elegant gift box, this arrangement marks your emotions in style and would be perfect for a mother or grandmother. For lovers of the bouquet, our ‘Polly’ arrangement is a joyful collection of six hot pink roses painstakingly inspected for perfection. A cost effective and excellent surprise gift, this bouquet works best with a delicious add-on gift like chocolate, or a cuddly teddy bear.

White Rose

The white rose is a beautifully pure flower and represents purity, innocence, reverence and humility. Recognised worldwide as a sympathy flower as well as a wedding flower, the white rose is wonderfully diverse and makes for a tasteful gift that exudes elegance. For a beautiful sympathy arrangement that is refined, choose our ‘Carmen’ arrangement; a ceramic pot brimming with creamy white roses and fresh foliage. This arrangement commemorates the life of a loved one with pure elegance. For a gorgeous arrangement featuring the pure white rose, our ‘Talulah’ is a stand out wicker basket bursting with hot pink and white Oriental lilies, creamy white roses and freesias. When you want to send something that represents grace and taste, send a gift that incorporates white roses.

Yellow Rose

The yellow rose is a bright and warm symbolism of friendship, joy and happiness. The bright yellow petals encapsulate the spirit of the sun, and are perfect as a platonic gift or a ‘thank you for everything’ gift. We have several arrangements that feature the cheer and joy of the yellow rose. Our ‘Rosa’ arrangement is a whimsical posy box creatively bursting with bubbly yellow roses, pastel pink roses and ruby red roses. This gift would be perfect for a friend, or perhaps someone special in your life. Our ‘Joana’ arrangement is a sumptuous delight, featuring bright yellow roses and snowy white Oriental lilies in an impressive bouquet. This bouquet would be a wonderful gift that says “I am so happy to have you in my life.” When you send a yellow rose, you are personalising your gift and showing your extra thought and care.

Roses are recognised everywhere as being the most popular flower. Voted by women as the most favoured flower to receive, it is easy to see why these beautiful blooms create such happiness and joy upon arrival. It only takes a couple of minutes to send a magnificent array of roses, but these special touches make all the difference. Express the sentiments you know they deserve, with 1300 FLOWERS.

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