Christmas Flowers

Christmas Flowers

Christmas is the most vibrant time of the year. The occasion instantly conjures up images of festivities, brightly coloured lights, a delectable cooked dinner, and a heavily decorated Christmas tree surrounded by excited children. It is a festive, warm and joyful day- a time to think of friends and family, a time to share, and a time to love. It is also the time to give. Most people (and all children) would agree that the unveiling of the Christmas presents is one of the best moments of the entire day. Unfortunately, the mad rush to find gifts more often than not entails a lengthy wait in a queue at a heavily crowded shopping centre. Here at 1300 FLOWERS, we’re here to make the gifting process seamless and convenient for you, ensuring that you spend your important time with your nearest and dearest and not vying for products at shopping centres with hundreds of other shoppers. Peruse our range and you’ll find an amazing selection of Christmas themed flower arrangements designed to elicit happiness.

A bunch of bright blooms inspires joy, embodying the Christmas spirit in every single velvety petal. Whatever your personal tastes or budget, we have a fantastic floral arrangement that is sure to bring a big smile to the face of your lucky recipient. Pair your beautiful flowers with a special gift like French champagne, delectable chocolates or a plush teddy bear for additional impact. Your recipient will love opening the door to be greeted with a surprise offering of sumptuous stems delivered especially for them, and will be overcome with your generosity and thought. We have selected the brightest of our range just for this heartwarming occasion, so please feel free to select your favourite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does 1300 FLOWERS deliver on Christmas Day?

Our florists need to celebrate Christmas with their families as well, however we deliver on Christmas Eve. Does 1300 FLOWERS have any delivery restrictions for Christmas? No. We deliver almost everywhere in Australia. If for whatever reason we do not deliver to a rural suburb because there is no florist in the area, consider a Christmas hamper- we deliver these to any location in Australia.

Will the florist leave my gift at the residence if the recipient isn’t home?

In most cases, our florists will leave your flowers in a safe place at the residence, awaiting the arrival of your recipient. In some special cases, we will return the flowers to the florist shop. In most cases, these instances are when your gift includes alcohol or if there is no safe place to leave the flowers.

How soon can I order Christmas flowers?

Here at 1300 FLOWERS, we can organise a flower deliver for you up to 12 months in advance, ensuring you can handle your gifting at your leisure. This means that you can order Christmas flowers at any time during the year to be delivered as late as the 24th of December (Christmas Eve).

I want something that is not in the range, how do I go about requesting it?

At 1300 FLOWERS we do our best to accommodate all requests. Please send us an email at and we will contact you to discuss it.

What add on gifts does 1300 FLOWERS offer?

We have an exciting range of special gifts to accompany your floral gift. Our range includes premium wine, French champagne, plush teddy bears, vases, premium cards and sinfully delicious chocolates. All of these options are available to you when you purchase your flowers.

If you have any enquiries about sending a gift for Christmas, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 FLOWERS. We are on hand six days a week to assist in any way possible, making a flower delivery a hassle-free and easy process. We understand that sending flowers is an expression of emotion, and do everything in our power to make this moment as memorable as possible. It is all available to you with a few clicks. 

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