Season's Best Flowers

At 1300FLOWERS, we are dedicated to ensuring that each and every Australian has access to the most vibrant seasonal blooms. We showcase the finest and freshest flowers of the season, crafting them into superlative bouquets that are fragrant and fabulous. Some flowers are available throughout the year, however some blooms can only be procured during certain seasons. Even with the ability to import or ship flowers, this process can damage the stems and also means they won’t be field fresh. As we prefer to use produce grown on Australian soil, this means we showcase seasonal blooms when they are available, bursting full of vitality and vibrant colour. Please feel free to browse our buying guide to learn more about the availability of flowers.

Buying Guide

Our Season’s Best range showcases the best that our season has to offer, and with our dedication to sourcing only the freshest and finest flowers, you can be assured that your bouquet, boxed arrangement or basket of blooms will be delivered at the peak of perfection, down to the very last petal.


Most flowers are adaptable, and adapt to being grown all year round. Some of these sensational blooms include the delicate pastel grace of alstroemeria, generally known as a filler flower. The ever popular tropical Lily, both Oriental and Asiatic flourish all year round. The floral lace of carnations can be found throughout the year, as well as the glossy petals of the Singapore orchid, the cheery presence of the gerbera, the inky purple of the iris, and the most popular flower in existence: the rose. The seasonal availability of these stems means that no matter what day of the year, we always have these in stock.


Tulips are seasonal beauties that always charm their recipient, with glossy tight buds, lush vertical stems and extraordinary colour. Available during the winter and spring months, take advantage of these while you can!

Vanda Orchids bloom in the warmer months, choosing to flourish in Summer. The Vanda orchid is considered to be most highly evolved of all orchids, and is a desirable flowers thanks to its intensely colourful petals, longevity, and fragrant scent.

Lisianthus’ is a beautiful flower, and is known for its rich colour and many petals. Available in summer, this bloom is mostly grown on the hills close to Melbourne or Sydney and is available in all pastel colours. We choose to use velvety purple lisianthus, finding that it makes a beautiful addition to a boxed arrangement.

Delphiniums are vibrant blue flowers highly prized for their rare colouration, as well as their long sword-like stems sprinkled with delicate blossoms. Available in blue, white, and purple, these beautiful blooms are available in spring and summer and are grown in cool climates near the capital cities of Australia.

Celosia, also known as Cockscomb, is a lovely addition to our native arrangements, and is a fascinating flower with rich petals which can appear as tufts. Immediately recognisable because no flower looks like it, the Celosia comes in orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow, and is available in Summer.

At 1300FLOWERS, we share a love of flowers with our passionate florists. If you would like assistance, please speak with one of our flower-friendly consultants who can assist you with any enquiries you might have. Simply call 1300 FLOWERS (1300 356 937).

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