Valentine's Day Flowers

A stunning selection of ravishing ruby roses painstakingly inspected to ensure perfection: this is the tour de force of Valentine’s Day gifts, and is guaranteed to evoke happiness and appreciation. Women and men alike adore the disarming beauty of roses, and the gesture of receiving them as an expression of love can be the romantic highlight of the year. This February 14th, make sure you show the important person in your life how special they are with a glorious selection of flowers and gifts delivered directly to their door or workplace. Your love, effort, and generosity will be evident in every petal. Enrich the life of someone special with a personalised gift from 1300 FLOWERS™.

Buying Guide

Valentine’s Day was first associated with romantic love in the High middle ages by Geoffrey Chaucer and his friends. Courtly love had only begun to flourish, and by the 15th century had become an occasion for lovers to express romance with flowers, confectionary, and cards. The shape of the heart, doves, and Cupid were all early symbols of romance, and have exploded today to become one of the most popular holidays of the year.

Today, Valentine’s Day, ever-present on the 14th of February each year, is a special day to show love. Whether you are gifting a valentine to a partner of years, showering your new boy/girlfriend with love on their first Valentine’s Day with you, or taking on the trait of a secret admirer, it is a wonderful opportunity to show the special person in your life how much you love them, how important they are to you, and how much you care. Making them ecstatically happy is as simple as a gesture which takes mere minutes to organise- and at 1300 FLOWERS™, we have all the options here to help you make a long lasting memory.

Our Valentine’s Day collection focuses solely on the most popular flower that conveys love, passion, desire, romance, and allure: the rose. With rich velvety petals, long narrow stems, a delicate scent and sumptuous appearance, the rose is the most magnificent gift to send to someone you love, and shows your thought and care. Our magnificent roses, grown in Australia, come ready to be unveiled in show-stopping Hollywood boxes.

We have a dazzling variety of options here at your fingertips. For those who prefer simplicity, we offer the ‘Gemma’, a beribboned presentation box containing a perfect long-stemmed red rose. This gorgeous gift is both effortlessly romantic and affordable and says “You are the one”. For those who want to lavish everything onto their paramour, we offer ‘Giselle with Love’, a deluxe gift featuring two dozen sultry red roses in a Hollywood box, a plush teddy bear, a premium bottle of Moet & Chandon, and delectable Lindt chocolates. This deluxe gift is designed to show that they mean to the world to you, and that you will spare no expense. In between these two options, we offer a staggering amount of boxed arrangements of roses with various gifts, each a different price to suit your budget. With such a superlative range of romantic products, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Nobody can explain the magic of flowers, or why receiving them is such an enriching experience. What we do know, is that sending them as a gesture of love is one of the best ways to enhance relationships and to show that you truly care. Actions speak louder than words. Spoil them- they deserve it.

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