Anniversary Flowers

Anniversaries are meaningful and special occasions. Whether you are personally celebrating an anniversary, or congratulating your nearest and dearest on a milestone, sending flowers is the most poignant way to express your love or well wishes. They act as beautiful reminders of love and romance, and show your affection and appreciation. At 1300FLOWERS, we have designed a beautiful collection of flowers which are sure to thrill your recipient, no matter what their personal tastes. For helpful hints on which flowers to purchase, explore our buying guide below.

Buying Guide

Why are flowers such a popular gift to celebrate anniversaries?

Anniversaries are a celebration of love, commitment and happiness. It has been said that flowers are love’s truest language, and for millennia, people have been inclined to agree. Because flowers convey your emotions in each vibrant, scented petal, they are the perfect way to express your feelings. When you give your loved one a beautiful bouquet accompanied with a thoughtful card, you are showing how much you care. The effort shows, and makes your recipient feel special and important. At 1300FLOWERS, we specialise in making that moment as memorable and perfect as possible.

I want to send traditional anniversary flowers, how do I choose?

Below is a guide to classic anniversary flowers according to western culture:

  • 1st Anniversary - Orange blossoms signify eternal love and marriage. See our Cindy arrangement.
  • 2nd Anniversary - Red flowers symbolise memories and promise. See our Veronica arrangement.
  • 3rd Anniversary - Singapore orchids symbolise maturity and refinement. See our Bianca arrangement.
  • 4th Anniversary - Blue or green flowers symbolise flourishing love. See our Natasha arrangement.
  • 5th Anniversary - Pink, blue and turquoise flowers denote sheer joy.
  • 6th Anniversary - Colourful blooms with fragrance focus on happiness. See our Morgan arrangement.
  • 7th Anniversary - Yellow or white flowers symbolise warmth and security. See our Joana arrangement.
  • 8th Anniversary - Purple flowers denote love, beauty, and confidence. See our Jessica arrangement.
  • 9th Anniversary - Singapore orchids also represent strength. See our Bianca arrangement.
  • 10th Anniversary - Silver and blue blooms represent durability and beauty. See our Natasha arrangement.
  • 20th Anniversary - Velvety purple Aster daisies represent elegance, contentment, and patience. See our Billie arrangement.
  • 25th Anniversary - Irises signify wisdom and hope. See our Vanessa arrangement.
  • 30th Anniversary - Lilies of any colour signify devotion, beauty and majesty. See our Katie arrangement.
  • 40th Anniversary - The colour for this anniversary is ruby, symbolising the eternal inner flame; opt for red roses. See our Skeyla arrangement.
  • 50th Anniversary - Yellow roses signify inner joy, happiness, true love, and fidelity. See our Gabrielle arrangement.

I want to send something different this year, what should I send?

Beyond tradition, we have a stylish range of designs which include something to cater to all tastes. For the old school romantic, opt for our Giselle arrangement. This elegant presentation box unveils two dozen passion red long-stemmed roses, each petal painstakingly inspected to ensure perfection. For the person who appreciates something a little different, our Bianca arrangement is a stunning spray of sumptuous Singapore orchids nestled in a sentimental ceramic pot, amid lush foliage. For a taste of Australia, we offer a bevy of native flora creatively arranged in sensational bouquets and gift boxes. Our Matilda arrangement is a lavish offering of lush sylvan reds, banksias, and proteas in a swathe of earthy foliage. We also offer beautiful boxed arrangements bursting with vibrant and colourful blooms. Our Jessica arrangement is one of our most popular, popping with candy pink gerberas, tangerine lilies and velvety purple irises. Our Joana arrangement is also a crowd pleaser, featuring sunshine yellow roses delicately arranged among pure white lilies in an impressive bouquet. Everything you need to lavish love and affection on your loved one is right here, and accessible with just a few simple clicks.

How can I personalise my gift further?

To personalise your gift for extra impact, peruse our add on options. An offering of sinfully delicious chocolates and a bottle of sparkling Chandon champagne make a truly romantic gift, or perhaps a cuddly teddy bear or “I love you” balloon would make your present even more impressive. You can even opt for a keepsake vase to contain your bouquet, eliminating the need to rearrange the blooms. As always, a thoughtful card message is imperative- even if you are unable to write exactly how you feel, something from the heart will always hit the right note.

At 1300FLOWERS, we know that sending flowers is a gesture of love. Our local florists craft your floral gifts with care and attention, ensuring that each stem is at the peak of perfection. You can rely on us to make your anniversary just that little bit more special. For further assistance, speak with one of our friendly customer care consultants by calling 1300 FLOWERS (1300 356 937).

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