1300Flowers - Yes, it's a Phone Name


In case you haven't figured it out already 1300 FLOWERS™ is our PHONE NAME. Simply put, a PHONE NAME means that instead of customers calling and remembering a set of numbers, they just remember your name and use that to dial your number.

The customer can then use the corresponding letters on their phone's keypad and the numbers take care of themselves. PHONE NAMES - Know the name. Know the number.

We use our PHONE NAME to allow our customers to easily connect with us and send flowers Australia wide without the usual hassle of ordering flowers you may get elsewhere. Our customers can rest assured that their flowers have been prepared by quality florists who pride themselves on leaving a smile on each recipient's face.

Buying flowers should be simple, that is why our customers and in fact all people wanting to send flowers no longer have to worry about finding a suitable florist in their delivery area or finding a florist that can cater to their needs.

All they have to do now is Dial 1300 FLOWERS™ and we will ensure a suitable florist prepares the flowers that our expertly trained staff recommends. Our staff will also take the time to ensure the right message is left on the card and be there for guidance and suggestions throughout the process.

Yes, 1300 FLOWERS™ is a PHONE NAME and yes, it does work. But don't just take our word for it; here is what other leading Australian businessmen have to say.

"Great phone names, like great pieces of real estate, are unique and available once only. Get the best phone name you can - and market it aggressively."
Bob Mansfield
Ex Chairman, Telstra Corporation
Ex CEO, McDonalds, Optus, John Fairfax
"In my 40 years in the ad business, phone names are the most effective tools I have ever seen to increase advertising response rates."
Alex Hamill
Chairman Emeritus, Y&R Brands
Ex CEO & Chairman, George Patterson Group
"In Business the things that work the best are usually pretty simple ... Now I just laugh when I see phone numbers in ads."
Gerry Harvey
Chairman, Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd

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