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Aranda is a beautifully green suburb located south-east of Belconnen, and never a more natural beauty has Canberra had to offer. Aranda, being the native Australian gem that it is, was originally named Arunta (which means white cockatoo) by the Arrernte tribe from Central Australia, so to keep the native Australian theme after development, Aranda named each of its streets after an Aboriginal Tribe Group from Australia. Aranda, being known for its wonderfully raw and rustic bush setting, has an almost never-ending supply of eucalyptus trees which were left in place during development in 1966. With Black Mountain to the east, Macquarie Cook to the west, Bruce to the north, and the ever-expanding Canberra Nature Park in the surrounds, Aranda could not be any more serene. 1300 FLOWERS™ is proud to have Aranda within their service area, bringing an unbelievable array of flowers to the local community.

Aranda Florist

1300 FLOWERS™ is proud to work with the hard-working and dedicated florists in and around Aranda to provide you with the most breathtaking flower arrangements you have ever seen. Aranda has a rare and rural feel, and 1300 FLOWERS™ works closely with the Aranda florist to make sure that they too can provide such an earthy and peaceful atmosphere through some of our bouquets. But don't be mistaken, 1300 FLOWERS™ can be edgy and stunning as well: just look at our Natasha arrangement, featuring oriental lilies, orchids, snap dragons and more. Everything you could want or need, we can provide, using the expansive knowledge of our network of florists. We find a sense of comfort in knowing that your floral arrangement can be handled by a member of your local community, since nobody would know your suburb better than somebody living and working within it.

Flowers Aranda

Aranda, being such a natural gem, is of course a great inspiration to us here at 1300 FLOWERS™. We try our best to portray a delicate, raw beauty through some of our arrangements; our Banjo bouquet containing proteas, celosia, leucadendrons, coccineus and sylvan reds certainly radiates a very Australian feel. Of course, we do not stop there; we offer everything from the most fragrant of lilies, cheerful chrysanthemums and striking orchids. Our range contains everything you could possibly need in a floral arrangement, from the simple yet radiant gerbera to the eternally complex and heart warming rose. You will find it all here at 1300 FLOWERS™.

Flower delivery in Aranda

At 1300 FLOWERS™, we are proud of our connection to such an amazing and natural suburb as Aranda. 1300 FLOWERS™ pride ourselves on their connection to the local florists. Who else knows Aranda better than someone working within the suburb? We even provide same day flower delivery in Aranda, Belconnen, Bruce, Macquarie Cook and their surrounding suburbs - just make sure you place your order before 2pm on weekdays or before 10am on Saturdays. We do our best to accommodate your every need. Why not include a small gift with your surprise flower delivery? Just ask our friendly staff, who will be more than happy to try and accommodate your every need.

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