Top 14 Reasons to send your girlfriend a gift of flowers

Since the dawn of time men have been asking the question, when should I send her flowers? This quick guide should help the average modern man in answering that question. Girls, this guide is for you too so you can start dropping hints today...

You should send her flowers because:

  1. When she's happy, you're happy
  2. She always remembers where you put that thing you were looking for
  3. She watched you play video games all night
  4. She makes your life easier
  5. She says you're not spontaneous
  6. She's the best
  7. She let you watch the big match when neighbours was on
  8. You don't need a reason
  9. She knows what you want before you do
  10. She deserves to feel special
  11. You want to butter her up for...
  12. Receiving flowers brightens her day
  13. She wants romance
  14. Small gestures can make big impressions.

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