The Longest Marriages in History

While fewer and fewer people seem to be interested in religion these days, the popularity of marriage remains, and amazingly, some couples really do plan to be together for the rest of their lives. The following is a brief list of some of the longest marriages in human history.

Daniel Frederick Bakeman and Susan Bakeman

This couple got married in 1772 and remained married for a world record 91 years and 12 days, and still hold the record for the longest marriage in human history. How much do you think Daniel would have spent on flowers throughout the years?

K Philipose Thomas and Sosamma Thomas

This couple from India were married for 88 years and 2 days, before Sosamma died in 2006.

Karam Chand and Kartari Chand

This couple tied the knot back in 1925 and have remained happily married ever since, currently holding the title for the oldest living marriage at over 88 years. They live in Bradford, England.

Herbert Fisher Senior and Zelmyra G Fisher

These two from North Carolina in the USA were married for 86 years and 290 days before Herbert passed away on February 27, 2011.

Sir Temulji Bhicaji Nariman and Lady Nariman

These two were married for 86 years and 214 days, and spent the majority of their marriage in Maharashtra, India.

Liu Yung Yang and Liu Yang Yang Wan

This Thai couple were married for 86 years and 133 days before the death of Liu in 2003.

Lazarus Rowe and Mary Rowe

These two American sweethearts were married in 1743, and remained married for 85 years and 178 days.

Oliver J Glen and Cora Lee Glen

This Alabama couple were married in 1904 and remained so for 85 years and 48 days, until Oliver died in December of 1989. Cora Lee followed him to the grave some eight months later.

William Archibald Fullingim and Nannie Fullingim

Married in 1879, this pair stayed together until 1964, when Nannie died after almost 85 years of marriage.

Francisco and Paulina Garcia

Married in 1926, this classy older couple stayed together right up until her death in August 2010.

William J Jones and Eluned Jones

These two were married in the UK in 1929 and ended up being married for just short of 84 years. William was the first to pass away in 2007, and Eluned followed less than 18 months later.

Russell Wesley Wintle and Louise Wintle

Married in February of 1927, this couple survived well into the 21st century, when Russell passed away in October 2012.

William B Ritchie and Claudia Lillian Ritchie

After being married for just over 83-and-a-half years, this couple clearly knows how to keep each other satisfied. We could all learn something from a couple that has been together this long.

While getting married isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, a good marriage mostly just requires a solid commitment to each part of the relationship. Make sure that you are doing everything you should when it comes to your marriage, from making romantic dinners to sending flowers.