Billy Singleton vs 1300FLOWERS

Little Billy lends a hand to online retail and 1300 FLOWERS

What a classic! Very funny to watch!! It’s about time we had a bit of fun and humour thrown at online retail with all the media hype that it has been getting in recent months.

………..the demise of traditional bricks and mortar retail is all caused by online retailers especially the international ones who don’t pay GST, store staff will all lose their jobs, let’s do some advertising against online retailing, maybe we need more regulation or a carbon tax, it is the cause of global warming and why the toilet roll at the office always runs out when it’s your turn blah, blah, blah…………………

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Where was I again? Ah, that’s right back to the Billy clip. When I am online and the computer or the website is not responding I can call 1300 FLOWERS and talk to a real person to place an order or to resolve a customer query…………….how old school but refreshing!

You are lucky I haven’t ranted about computers or IT people in this blog. Well maybe one gratuitous one to finish. Number one response from IT people when approached with an IT problem – turn off the (insert name of malfunctioning equipment) and then turn it on again. Thanks but does it really take a degree, the ability to speak in binary and a big fat pay check to give such an insightful recommendation? Talk later.