5 Steps To Change Her Mind About You

It’s happened! The girl that’s been your good friend for a long time has become the love of your life. Somewhere between the laughs and deep chats about the how to make the perfect toasted cheese sandwich you fell for her. Only problem is she says she just wants to be friends.

Deep down you know that you two would be great together, and all your other friends have been saying it too. You can change her mind about you!

1. Break the familiarity

If you two see each other almost every day, it’s time to put some distance between you. She’s probably become so used to being around you that she’s become as familiar with you as she is with her furniture. Don’t give her the cold shoulder, but start filling your days and nights with other interesting things so that you’re not together all the time.

Get a new hobby or start playing a sport. The goal is to remain friendly, but create enough space between you so that she begins to miss your company.

2. Step it up

While you’re giving her some space, take the opportunity to make more of an effort with your appearance. Be honest with yourself (or ask an honest friend) about what areas you could improve in. Do you need to cash in your shares at donut king and start working out? Is it time to buy some industrial strength soap, get a professional haircut for the first time in your life, burn all of your old, tasteless clothes and start again?

It may sound shallow, but she wants – and deserves – a man who takes pride in his appearance, someone she can be proud to have on her arm. You’ll be shocked at how good you feel when you make some decisions to take care of yourself.

3. Stop being number 2

If she always come to you when things aren’t working out with the idiot men that she falls for, it time to step out of the sidelines. The next time she comes to you to complain about some other guy that she thought was good guy, listen for a few minutes and then change the subject. You can do this by telling her that she deserves better you’re not interested in talking about him anymore.

Then take her mind off the other guy making her laugh and doing something fun. Talk about the new and interesting things going on with you. Show her that you’re more than just a shoulder to cry on.

4. Take the lead

Now that you’ve got her attention with some changes, it’s time to take some chances. Start by doing thoughtful things that make her think of you. Show up with takeaway coffee for her at work, make it a drop in – don’t stick around and chat.

Be unpredictable, call one night to see what she’s doing and then pick her up for an impromptu drink at a trendy bar. Order flowers online for her. Slowing make your intentions clear, but keep her guessing by not coming on too strong.

5. Jump in!

She may be warming up to the idea of taking your friendship to the next level, but this is not the time to get comfortable! When you feel that she’s falling for you it’s time to raise the stakes. Call her and ask her out on a date.

Dress smart casual and arrive at the door with flowers. Tell her that she looks beautiful and whisk her off to the car. Make her laugh and wow her with reservations at an amazing restaurant. Be yourself and be confident and she’ll soon see that you’re the right guy for her.