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Due to Brisbane’s warmer and more humid weather, the flowers that thrive in Brisbane are very different to the flowers that prefer the cooler climate of Melbourne. Of course, when we look across the broader range of flowers that is available in most florists today, there are pluses and minuses of the Brisbane climate versus the Melbourne climate.

The warmer climate in Brisbane, and Queensland in general, favour flowers such as tropicals, orchids and natives. Therefore, flowers such as the bird of paradise, Singapore orchids, Oriental lilies, Asiatic lilies, kangaroo paw,waratahs and proteas are prolific in Brisbane and it’s hinterland. In fact,there are many growers around the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba that specialise in lilies, orchids and natives.

The cooler climate in Melbourne is ideal for the growth of flowers such as roses, tulips, and freesias. In addition to a cooler climate, roses also like to be in higher altitudes where they can get plenty of  sunshine without the temperature getting too warm. That way they can grow freely without heat stress to develop large, gorgeous rose heads. Also, the cooler climate is great for foliage of a wide range of plants which are used to compliment flower arrangements by all our florists.